Monday through Saturday:
6:00 am – Matins, and First Hour
5:30 pm – Ninth Hour and Vespers

9:40 am –  Hours and Liturgy (Liturgy starts about 10:00 am)
5:30 pm – Ninth Hour and Vespers

If you plan to attend a service, we ask that you call ahead.

Information about visiting the monastery:
Visitors are welcome Tuesday through Saturday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. To visit at other times or to make an appointment to see the abbot or a priest, please call ahead.

We ask that all visitors dress modestly. Men should wear long sleeved shirts and pants. Women should wear long sleeved blouses, long skirts or dresses. Additionally, women are asked to wear scarves when attending services. Children are expected to be kept close, and not allowed to roam freely. Smoking and pets are strictly forbidden.