A new offering from our Online Store just in time for Christmas…

Vashon Island Exclusive, Pine-scented “Muzzle Fuzz” Mustache Wax, Made by the Mustachioed Monastics of All-Merciful Saviour Monastery

Whether you just want to keep your whiskers out of your soup or whether you are looking for something to hold a style or curl like a vice grip, this is the product.

After much research and testing (on humans, not animals) we have come to the perfect recipe for an easy to apply wax. Your upper-lip upholstery will enjoy a superior, long-lasting hold, excellent styling ability, and conditioning.

Also known as Abyssinian Twirling Wax, our formula contains beeswax for tackiness and malleability, conditioning creaminess of all-natural lanolin (obtained in a cruelty-free manner from sheep’s wool) and pine resin or sap harvested in the forest.

Pine resin and lanolin are the keys to a superior mustache wax, which is why so many products that substitute unnatural Petroleum Jelly or other fats fail to make a product of this caliber.

The pine sap imparts an amazing forest fragrance all on its own, so no additional fragrance, or essential oils are needed (possible irritants for the sensitive face).

Purchase at: https://store.vashonmonks.com/muzzle-fuzz-mustache-wax/

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