Asking for prayers! (Updated 07-19-24)

Edit 07_19_24: Glory be to God, yesterday Fr. Tryphon was moved out of the hospital and into a dedicated Physical Rehab Facility yesterday! Now begins the long and likely difficult and painful process of physical rehabilitation to help him “get back up on step” so that he will be able to return to the monastery. Please continue praying for him!

Again, we will update as we can here, so please do not flood the monastery with phone calls and emails!

Edit 07_12_24: As you all know, Fr Tryphon had a second surgery to correct a problem from his initial surgery.
There have been some complications since then that the doctors and nurses are steadily addressing.

Edit 06_27_24: No substantial update. They are still running tests and looking at the results. Fr. Tryphon seems to be in a more upbeat state today and the pain seems to be a bit more manageable for the moment. Please keep praying!

He was recovering from his surgery a month ago and all was going well until last Sunday when he started having excruciating nerve pains shooting all down the inside of his one leg to the foot, most likely coming from nerve in the area of surgery.

He is on his way to the ER


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Pentecost is drawing near

The Brotherhood of the All-Merciful Saviour Monastery; Pascha afternoon, 2024.

The feast of Pentecost for 2024 is drawing near once again, and God is continuing to send forth “seasonable weather”, bringing about the blooming of flowers, fruits from the trees and bushed and wonderful vegetables in the gardens.

Let us all pray to the Lord that He send down the comforting Spirit on us all, bringing with it the peace that passes all understanding and the life-giving waters of Divine grace upon us all.

Now more than ever the world is thirsting for the the Love of God and the path to the Way on which they can lead truly meaningful and Christ-centered lives, in harmony with how they were created to be.

Figs on the tree next to the Monastery Church are growing nicely again this year!

Let us all lead lives of repentance, love of God and neighbor in humility, patience and self-sacrifice, truly committing “all our lives unto Christ our God”.


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