In the past few weeks our online bookstore has experienced quite a burst of activity, akin to levels we normally see during the weeks before the feast of Christmas! For this we thank all who have purchased from us and supported us. However, as has been the case with most monasteries throughout the United States, we have closed our doors to both visitors as well as pilgrims for the time being, which means that our on-site bookstore has been receiving no foot traffic.

Nonetheless, there are still a good number of books and icons that are available, and we wanted to make them available to others as well. While our stock of each item is quite limited, we do have a fairly extensive collection of books and icons in stock. For those who are interested please feel free to EMAIL US and inquire after any book titles or icons we may have available, and we will see what we can do to facilitate your order if we do!

Please continue to pray to our Lord and Saviour for our small monastery, for one another, and for all those who are also experiencing these times of unrest and unease.