Monastery gardens and environs in bloom….

Between celebrating the Apodosis of Mid Pentecost yesterday and with the month of May almost at its end we are nearing the end of the season of Spring, and the flowers at the monastery are blooming everywhere, especially including the foxgloves.

Went around the monastery this morning to take photos of the various blooms for all to see, selecting areas around the courtyard, the gardens and the outlying areas among others. ˆˆ


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New Prayer Rope offerings at the monastery online store!

With the beginning of Great Lent just around the corner it is no surprise that we have been receiving more prayer ropes than usual….

We are happy to announce that we are also offering 150 knot prayer ropes, whether made of wool or of satin cord.

We are also offering “Mount Athos style” prayer ropes in 33 or 50 knot sizes – these prayer ropes are made so they do not have to be stretched out for those who prefer this.

Visit us for these and the traditional prayer ropes we have been providing customers for already at:

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Greetings to all with the Feast of Theophany!

Festal Greetings to all on the feast day of the Baptism of our Lord by the hand of St. John the Baptist: the Theophany!
We had a wonderful gift given to the monastery today – a pilgrim who had experienced a spiritual reawakening some 15 years ago in the Pskov-Caves Monastery (recently made famous as the main place featured in the book “Everyday Saints”) brought us a gift of an icon of the Synaxis of the Saints of that monastery!
Especially of interest is the saint depicted in the lower right hand corner – that of St. Symeon. He is the most recently glorified saint from there, having reposed in 1960 and been glorified as a saint in 2003 or so. AND … his feast day was yesterday, the Eve of Theophany!
May we all have the prayers of St. Symeon, and all the saints and holy ascetics from this wonderful monastery!
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