We are pleased to announce that three new types of soap and a new type of incense are all now available for purchase from our online store.

Lime Sherbet is made with 100% coconut oil and whole milk instead of water. It is a hard soap, very bubbly, deeply cleansing while still moisturizing… ; Basil Milk is a whole milk soap made with all vegetable oils. It is very mild, gentle and nourishing to the skin… ; and Cypress, Pine and Cedar is a perfect blend of wood scents from essential oils of the cypress tree, pine tree and cedar–all trees which still grow in the lands of the Scriptures… More details of all these soaps can be found at out store’s website!


The new incense that is now available as well is Honeysuckle.
This handmade honeysuckle incense, is one of the premium incense scents crafted by the monks of Draganac Monastery using an authentic Athonite recipe and only quality materials sourced from Greece. A white floral bouquet of pure honeysuckle complemented with touches of jasmine, honey, citrus notes, lavender, vanilla musk and sandalwood.