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Christmas Soaps and Incense now available!

We are pleased to announce the return of our Christmas themed soaps for the year, together with some new offerings of Christmas themed incense!

We have the Candy Cane Swirl and Christmas Cheer soaps available again, together with our best selling Three Kings soap. In fact the other day when we made it active on our store in anticipation of this announcement someone came to the site and cleaned out the inventory! (Fortunately we had some in back stock still and some in the process of curing still….)

For incense we have the new Bethlehem variety, and we also have Frankincense available. The latter is a very pleasant and fine quality resin harvested from the boswellia sacra species of frankincense tree and burns quite cleanly and gives off a natural, pleasant scent.

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Christmas Blend coffee now available, and another limited time offer…

Just a quick note to remind everyone that our Christmas Blend coffee is available now!

Also, please note: Orders made with the intent to arrive in time for the 25th of December should be made BEFORE December 15!

Also, we are pleased to announce the availability of icon prints of the icon of St. Paisios of Mt. Athos treasured in our monastery church that was painted by John (Shayne) Swenson.

These prints have a customized, patterned grape vine themed frame and have a fold out stand on the back to stand on tables, desks, or similar surfaces. They are 6.25 x 5 inches in size, and quite affordable! At the moment we have very limited quantities, so it is first-come, first-serve!

This photo is to give a rough idea of the size of the icon.

Other special Christmas themed items will soon be available soon as well! ˆˆ

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Further new additions to the offerings of soap and incense….

We are pleased to announce a few new arrivals now available in our bookstore!

Two of them are new soaps: the first is a rose soap with a new technique of decoration which we have simply called Rose Soap with Brush Embroidery. This one uses the same fine fragrance as our rose soap but is instead cast in a round shape and floral painting on top using the “Brush Embroidery” technique.

The other is Patchouli Oil, which is soap laced with the warm, husky and spicy scent of the essential oil made with the leaves of the plant of the same name.

In addition we also have a few more offerings of new incense types available, many of which were made in Greek monasteries. We now carry Gardenia, Hyacinth, Magnolia and Violet. All of these are floral in scent and ideal for use both in the home and in church as well.

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New Icon of St. Herman of Alaska gifted to the Monastery on the feast of the Dormition, 2019!

On the 15/28 of August the Church commemorates the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos.

On the eve of the Feast John (Shayne) Swenson, an iconographer and close friend of the monastery, arrived for a short pilgrimage bringing with him a beautiful, newly completed icon of St. Herman of Alaska for the Church.

We attached a small relic of St. Herman to the icon itself and then placed it in a large frame, placing it to the right of an icon of St. John Maximovitch and on an analogion beneath an icon of St. Innocent of Alaska.

For those interested in purchasing an icon he has painted, contact him either on Facebook or go to his website:

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New Soaps and Incense available in the Monastery store!

We are pleased to announce that three new types of soap and a new type of incense are all now available for purchase from our online store.

Lime Sherbet is made with 100% coconut oil and whole milk instead of water. It is a hard soap, very bubbly, deeply cleansing while still moisturizing… ; Basil Milk is a whole milk soap made with all vegetable oils. It is very mild, gentle and nourishing to the skin… ; and Cypress, Pine and Cedar is a perfect blend of wood scents from essential oils of the cypress tree, pine tree and cedar–all trees which still grow in the lands of the Scriptures… More details of all these soaps can be found at out store’s website!


The new incense that is now available as well is Honeysuckle.
This handmade honeysuckle incense, is one of the premium incense scents crafted by the monks of Draganac Monastery using an authentic Athonite recipe and only quality materials sourced from Greece. A white floral bouquet of pure honeysuckle complemented with touches of jasmine, honey, citrus notes, lavender, vanilla musk and sandalwood.

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