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A few new products available at the beginning of 2020….

Christ is born! Greetings to you all during the afterfeast of Christ’s Nativity (the time period the Slavic churches sometimes call “Sviatki”). We are pleased to announce that we have a few new items available in our online bookstore!

One of them is a new soap: Grapefruit Rosemary. The clean herbal aroma of rosemary is matched with the light refreshing citrus of grapefruit to make a delightful soap that is perfect for face, hands and body. This is a soap for those who want the benefits of essential oils without being overpowered by the fragrance. The top of each bar has a thin layer of our homegrown ground rosemary to add a mild exfoliating effect.

The other is a limited stock item – and that is the All Merciful Saviour Monastery’s Wall Calendar for 2020!
Also … an announcement of upcoming items. A few months ago we made a small icon of St. Paisios of Mt. Athos available and it sold out extremely quickly! Since we also got a lot of positive feedback about many aspects of the item we have decided to begin to produce other icons in a similar manner, size and price by the same iconographer. They are produced in Greece and take some time to get here to America, and we purchase them in small batches at a time, though, so when they become available they are likely to move quickly!
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More soaps and incense now available in time for Christmas!

Some more offerings of soap and incense just in time for Christmas!

The first offering of these new soaps is Ouzo Charcoal; loaded with organic activated charcoal, this soap soothes, smells fresh and invigorating, while the Star Anise essential mixed in is used by aromatherapy enthusiasts for calming and relaxing the body and muscles.The other soap is Cosmic Wave – a generous-sized soap is scented with an amazing fruity refreshing fragrance with citrus notes that is a favorite for the fragrance alone.

We also have two new offerings of incense: Byzantine (a fragrance brings together both floral and spicy scents), and Pine (a deceptively pleasant and subtle scent that is gentle and woodsy at the same time without being overbearing or pungent).

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Limited Time Christmas Soap Specials

We have some limited time Christmas specials on soap bundles at the moment! They make great small gifts or “stocking stuffers”.

The FIRST special is for 1 bar of Three Kings, 1 bar of Christmas Cheer and 1 bar of Candy Cane soaps for $18.

The SECOND special is for 1 bar of Three Kings, 1 bar of Christmas Cheer, 1 bar of Spiced Apple Cider and 1 bar of Candy Cane soaps for $22.

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A Visit from the Wonderworking Icon of St. Anne!

It was with great joy that we received the Miraculous Icon of Saint Anne, brought to our monastery by Archimandrite Sergius, the abbot of Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk Monastery in Pennsylvania.

Father Sergius is a dear friend of the Monastery, and this was the first time he was able to visit us.

This makes the second time this year God has arranged for St. Anna to come and “visit” us here – apparently we are in need of it!

Please remember both Fr. Sergius and the Monastery of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk over in Pennsylvania in your prayers, and of course our small community as well!


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