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Welcome to our new website and online store!

After many days of difficult work it looks like we have finally completed the newest versions of the monastery’s online blog and online store. It is possible that there may still be a few bugs to work out, but glory be to God that the main part of the work seems to be in place and was ready to go on the feast of Mid Pentecost!

Glory be to God for all things!

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Monastery Incense is now available through the Online Store!

We are very happy to announce that we now have incense available that has been hand crafted in a monastery in Kosovo.

We have tried the incense in our monastery church as well, and were favorably impressed! This incense was of very good quality, burned for quite a long time, put out a good amount of smoke and also burned cleanly. When it was done it left no “dirty stains” or resin, etc. on the charcoal.

Due to limited on-hand supply the incense is available at present only in 1 ounce boxes.

For more information about this incense, GO HERE.

To order this incense, GO HERE.


Four more soaps now available! The online store continues to expand….

As mentioned before we have slowly been expanding our online store with some hand-made products of the monks themselves. The previous post showed some of the production of one of our new soaps (kaleido-soap) and today we are pleased to announce that four new soaps are now available!

These soaps include the aforementioned kaleido-soap, gardenia, cook’s coffee soap (a limited time offer specially intended for the kitchen) and tea tree bubble.



Cook’s Coffee

Tea Tree Bubble

We have expanded and further categorized our soap offerings as well, including the General Soap Page where all our offerings can be found, and the three different categories of Nature’s Soaps, Swirl Soaps and Bubble Soaps.

You will also find other limited time offers of books from our on-site monastery bookstore stock as well as a few other new offerings – the bookstore is slowly expanding, feel free to come back from time to time for new things!


We are expanding our Online Store!


We are most excited to announce a new line of products for our bookstore, namely hand-crafted, all-natural soaps made here in the monastery made by our own monks.

Our soaps are made of 100% vegetable oil base, each oil chosen for the quality it brings to the soap: coconut oil, for its cleansing effects, olive oil for its conditioning properties, palm oil which makes for a hard, durable bar, and castor bean oil, which imparts a nice, rich lather.

In addition, wherever possible, we make use of both natural, botanical colorants and a wide array of essential oils.

Be sure to check HERE frequently to see what new varieties we are offering!


After offering prayer ropes in our monastery bookstore for some years that were hand tied by the monks themselves we are now making them available online as well.

These ropes are tied using either 100% Marina Wool or Rattail. We offer these Prayer Ropes in a variety of sizes – both 10 knot finger rings (only available in wool), 33 knot bracelets as well as the more standard 50 and 100 knot sizes.

For more information and details on other variations, sizes and options available for these ropes, please CLICK HERE.