We are very pleased to announce that the electronic files/digital format of our forthcoming CD are now available for purchase and download!

Orthodox Chants of the All-Merciful Saviour Monastery sung by our monks.


The Great Doxology–Modified Mozarabic Chant, R. Monk Peter

Dogmatic Theotokia in the 8 tones–Znamenny Chant

Dogmatic Theotokion of Dormition–Znamenny Chant

O Queen of All Creation–Byzantine Chant

Great Compline Hymns for the Close of the Day–Russian Chant of Athos

Irmoi of the Paschal Canon–Byzantine Chant

First Antiphon of Divine Liturgy–Znamenny Chant

Second Antiphon of Divine Liturgy–Znamenny Chant

The Hymn of Jusitinian “Only Begotten Son”–Znamenny Chant

The Cherubikon–Monk Martin

It is Truly Meet–Russian Melody

The Hymns of Thanksgiving After Holy Communion–Monk Martin

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