We are pleased to announce a few new arrivals now available in our bookstore!

Two of them are new soaps: the first is a rose soap with a new technique of decoration which we have simply called Rose Soap with Brush Embroidery. This one uses the same fine fragrance as our rose soap but is instead cast in a round shape and floral painting on top using the “Brush Embroidery” technique.

The other is Patchouli Oil, which is soap laced with the warm, husky and spicy scent of the essential oil made with the leaves of the plant of the same name.

In addition we also have a few more offerings of new incense types available, many of which were made in Greek monasteries. We now carry Gardenia, Hyacinth, Magnolia and Violet. All of these are floral in scent and ideal for use both in the home and in church as well.