Month: November 2018

A visit from the Myrrh-streaming “Mother of God of Hawaii” Icon

On the evening of Wednesday, November 14th through the afternoon of Thursday, November 15th our monastery was greatly blessed by a visit from the contemporary Myrrh-streaming Miracle-working Icon “The Mother of God of Hawaii”.

This icon is originally a reproduction of the “Montreal Icon” of the Mother of God, and is also a depiction of the famous Iviron (or Portaitisa) Icon of the Mother of God on Mt. Athos. It began to stream myrrh 10 years ago and has continued to do so since that time.

Blessing the Monastery grounds with the Myrrh-streaming Icon of the Mother of God….

The visit was definitely a grace filled one for us and the small handful of pilgrims that were able to immediately rearrange their schedules to make it here during that short window of time available.

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