Homemade All-Natural Soaps

All our soaps are made here at the monastery by monks. We use all natural ingredients. Some are cooked the old fashioned way, some are made cold and cured for a month.

Unlike factory soaps, our soaps have a naturally high glycerin content which is a great moisturizer.

If there is a particular scent or color you would like us to make, email the soapmakers at frmartin[insert@symbol]vashonmonks.com. We are just getting started, so check back as we will be adding more items as we increase our stock of soaps.

Rose Soap

This elegantly fragranced soap is made of Olive, coconut, palm and castor bean oils. It has a pink swirl. A classic.



Price: $6.00

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Three King’s Soap


This is a soap worthy of kings! We grind up pure Myrrh from northern Africa, steep it in Frankincense and other essential oils, color it with gold mica and wrap it in gold paper.

Myrrh is naturally anti-septic and also is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Gold for a king. Frankincense for a God. Myrrh to foreshadow Christ's death and burial. These three gifts of the wise men were a manifest prophecy of our theanthropic Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Price: $7.00

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Strawberry Yoghurt Soap

Smells good enough to eat! All-Natural soap made with Olive, Coconut and Palm oils and a generous portion of yoghurt. A nice mild soap with great lather. Moisturizing and good for sensitive skin.


Price: $5.00

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Pictured above is “Kaleidosoap,” which we hope to have available in a month or so.

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